Outline of JEMIMA

Japan Electric Measuring Instruments Manufacturers' Association (JEMIMA) is the only one association representing this industry in Japan. Electric measuring instruments support all kinds of manufacturing industries as so-called "Mother tools" that support innovative activities for research, development, design and manufacturing.

JEMIMA has active committees that collect technical and market information of electric measuring instruments, and provide member companies with useful information for their businesses. Regarding regulations such as environmental, safety and EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) issues, JEMIMA has been investigating details and providing proposals to legislative organizations summarizing requirements from the industry in cooperation with international related organizations.

Through these activities, JEMIMA will continue to contribute to the steady growth of electric measuring instruments and related industries in Japan.


JEMIMA, as an association of manufacturers of electric measuring instruments that are the "mother tools" of industry, will strive to support all industries. JEMIMA also aims to meet the expectations of member companies, their customers, and society.


  1. We will be a comprehensive association of measurement and control manufacturers.
  2. We will strengthen our global activities and attain global recognition.
  3. We will enhance cooperation with other organizations and serve as the hub for gathering and transmitting information mainly on measurement and control.

Mid-term priorities

  1. Enhancing global activities
  2. Expanding activities by strengthening cooperation with other organizations both in and outside Japan
  3. Raising the satisfaction of member companies

Mid-term priorities of committees

The new vision has been drawn up in both a top-down and bottom-up manner. During this process, each committee also set its mid-term priorities. Each committee will report on its progress at the division meeting, and this information will then be reported to the Board of Directors.