Activities to Promote International Standardization


We need to propose International standards to the IEC, ISO and other international standardization organizations strategically, with a view to showing technological advances of the Japanese industry and to stimulating the development of the industry. To promote activities to make proposals for international standard, JEMIMA provides a forum to discuss standardization themes and strengthens its functions as the secretariat to support studies of proposals for, as well as maintenance, management, and implementation of international standards.

  • Preparation of draft comments for international standards and dis-patch of committee members

    Under a contract with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, JEMIMA operates domestic committees for the following technical committees as a forum for deliberations in Japan related to the international standards organizations (ISO and the IEC) and sends persons of knowledge and experience to international conferences to have Japanese opinions reflected in standards.

    • ISO/TC30 (Measurement of fluid flow in closed conduits)
    • IEC/TC45 (Nuclear instrumentation)
    • IEC/TC65 (Industrial-process measurement, control and automation)
  • Promotion of international standardization of IEC/TC65

    JEMIMA acted as the secretariat for the IEC/TC65 Plenary International Conference held in 2008 and contributed to the success of the conference.
    In 2009 onward, JEMIMA will continue to have the opinions of Japan reflected in standards by submitting proposals on standards and participating in deliberations on IEC international standards.
    As one example, JEMIMA will contribute a draft of standard for an energy efficiency improvement to IEC/TC65/JWG14 (Energy Efficiency in Industrial Automation).

  • IEC/TC45 Plenary International Conference

    JEMIMA organized and operated the IEC/TC45 Plenary International Conference held in Yokohama in September 2009 as the host-nation secretariat, making a contribution to international standardization.

  • Consistency between JIS and IEC standards

    JEMIMA surveys, studies, and develops JIS drafts to achieve consistency between the JIS and IEC standards on electronic indicating instruments, measuring instruments utilizing ionizing radiation, the EMC standards, and other categories.