Activities to Search Technology Development Themes


JEMIMA surveys technology development themes that will become common fundamental technologies of high interest among member companies, and explores seeds to realize new businesses for member companies based on such fundamental technologies. JEMIMA provides forums for exchange of views with related academic societies, research organizations, and government agencies and gives support for joint development of searched technology themes among member companies.

  • Search for new theme in the Electronic Measuring Instrument category

    The Electronic Measuring Instrument Committee continuously tackles the issues and tasks from a new perspective, and organizes activities in view of the future of the electronic measuring instruments industry, including new business opportunities.

  • Participation in preparation of Strategic Technology Roadmap

    JEMIMA continues to participate in work to prepare the Strategic Technology Roadmap of the measuring instruments sector under the initiative of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Member companies' technological capability and the presence of JEMIMA will be enhanced through a study of future technologies of the measuring instruments sector and through enhancement of the Strategic Technology Roadmap.