Measurement and Control Show 2013 TOKYO
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Exhibit Information

Date November 6(Wed.) ‒ 8(Fri.), 2013 (3 days)
Venue Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center) West Hall 1, 2 & Atrium
Opening Hours 10:00 ‒ 17:00
Organized by Japan Electric Measuring Instruments Manufacturers’ Association
Supported by Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry
Ministry of the Environment
Japan External Trade Organization
In cooperation with National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
National Institute of Technology and Evaluation
Japan Electric Meters Inspection Corporation
Japan Quality Assurance Organization
The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
The Japan Measuring Instruments Federation
The Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association
Nippon Electric Control Equipment Industries Association
Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers' Association
Admission ¥1,000 / Student ‒ free of charge
 *Free entrance with online pre-registration, or invitation ticket
Visitors include Engineer, Owner/Executive, Manager of Sales/Promotional Section, Procurement, R&D, General User, Student and Educational Institution, Government Agency, Media, Others
Exhibit products:
All products on the product-line list of Japan Electric Measuring Instruments Manufacturers’ Association and relevant products and services
Electric Test and Measuring Equipment
Measuring and Control Instruments for FA
Process Measuring and Control Instruments
Indicating Instruments
Electricity Meters
Test and Measuring Instruments Applying
Monitoring Instruments for Environmental Quality
Radiation Measuring Instruments
Presence Detection Sensors
FA Intelligent Sensors
Representations Inspection Equipment
Programmable controlar Controller
FA System Equipment
Power Equipment
Graphic Display Equipment
Software and Solution of Measurement and Control
Software and Solution of Energy Saving and New Energy
Safety controller/ Solution
Monitor and Maintenance System
Transmission of Information and Relevant Equipment
Fact of Measurement and Control Show 2011 TOKYO

Number of visitors・・・25,761
Number of conferences and seminar sessions・・・38 in total
Number of seminars' attendees ・・・2,094
Number of booths・・・333

Visitor in Measurement and Control Show 2011 TOKYO
Figure from visitor questionnaire in Measurement and Control Show 2011 TOKYO
Advantages of Measurement and Control Show 2013 TOKYO
5 merits for exhibitors
The largest exhibition to appeal future in measurement and control

The Measurement and Control Show is the largest exhibition in industry that brings together both the latest technology of measurement and control, which are the mother tools of industry, and technology that has been handed down. In the past few years, the number of visitors has risen, but we expect a further increase in 2013 because of the simultaneous holding of the System Control Fair 2013. This will lead to an expansion in the number of business opportunities, including the acquisition of new clients and discovering new business.

We will also be offering mutual admission to the 2013 International Robot Exhibition that will be held in the East Hall.

Visitor promotions and visitor expansion


Promotion of the show on leading professional journals

Business magazine published by Nikkei BP, Technical information magazine and other leading professional magazine

Tech-On! and the close-up site "New Generation Factories" on the same website, IT Pro, Nikkei Business NB Online
 There will be distribution of electronic direct mail to subscribers of the above-mentioned media. Moreover, there will be distribution of active targeting e-mails by selecting readers with the keywords of "automation," "measurement" and "control."


Attracting visitors by linking up with various social networking sites, focused on Facebook

We will create a Facebook page and announce the establishment of this in our e-mail magazine and similar. We will be making advance announcements and attracting exhibitors by linking up with other social networking sites and the exhibition website by sharing photographs and video about exhibition information and topics.

Site and application creation for smartphones and cell phonese

We will create and operate a smartphone application, a smartphone site and a cell phone site for visitors.

Enhancing promotions for overseas visitors

We will issue press release in English and Chinese and construct structure of media which is centered on overseas business partner of Nikkei BP. We will also have a PR booth in related exhibitions in China and other Asian countries as "base of manufacture".

Theme Exhibition & JEMIMA Stage

テーマ展示イメージA great many visitors will attend the Measurement and Control Show who will be looking forward to the thematic displays, presentations on special stages and local site report introductions through advance collection of data with the themes being topical subjects. Public institutions and university laboratories will also be participating and with joint projects by industry, government and academia, there will be introductions to the social contribution of measurement and control. This will also be useful in improving the presence of companies.

Starting from 2009, we have been taking up as our themes the content that reflects the social situation, such as reconstruction and safety. The Measurement and Control Show will once again be enlivened by themes that we can share with visitors in 2013.

Enhancement in Conference, seminar, college corner

As events jointly organized with the System Control Fair 2013, we have further enhanced the range of sessions on offer, including a keynote speech and a roundtable discussion that have always enjoyed a good reputation.


・We will be holding a keynote speech and conferences by inviting presenters with influence in their respective fields. These will have topical themes in line with the concept of the exhibition. Moreover, there will also be the roundtable discussion that has become one of the most popular events at the Measurement and Control Show. This roundtable discussion will have a theme suitable for both exhibitions and will be further enhanced by inviting panelists who are currently active in these fields. We will also realize coordination between venues, such as by making it possible to watch and listen to what is happening in the presentation venue on monitors installed inside the exhibition hall. Furthermore, this will be a simultaneously relay broadcast on USTREAM and it will also be possible to watch and listen on smartphones and tablet PCs.

・Exhibitor seminars will be provided to all exhibitors as a place to make appeals to customers about your technological innovativeness and superiority that cannot be fully communicated with just product displays. We hope that this will prove useful in acquiring new customers and further improving relationships with valued clients.

・There will be a corner to teach students who will take on the burden of the next generation about industry relating to measurement and control. This will be a corner which shall attempt to provide industry research opportunities at this exhibition where it will be possible to meet many major companies at once. In addition to the traditional student (laboratory) presentation and research presentations, we will be holding a career education seminar and exhibition tour to excite the student's interest in industry.

Attractive services for exhibitors (Optional menu of services for exhibitors)

Next Day Service

This is a service in which business card information, questionnaire information and similar collected in booths by exhibitors is input on the same day and then delivered the next day. This service delivers important customer information promptly and with a high degree of accuracy while protecting the security of personal information.
This provides valuable services to exhibitors such as being able to send messages of gratitude to visitors for visiting their booth by just clicking on the e-mail addresses in the delivered data.

Recall Questionnaire


This is a mechanism in which cards with QR codes will be distributed to booth visitors to answer questionnaires after the end of the exhibition. This service acts on behalf of exhibitors from the preparation of the cards to be distributed to the aggregation of the questionnaires. It will actually be possible to obtain information with a high degree of reliability from those visiting the exhibition.

USTREAM Video Distribution Service

This is a service in which it is also possible for exhibitors to use the video distribution service company of the Measurement and Control Show 2013 TOKYO at low cost.
Simultaneous distribution of an exhibitors booth and seminars is possible by using USTREAM. In addition, this can also be effectively utilized as a management tool because it is possible to use as an archive on the website of exhibitors.

Advertisement Placement Service

『広告出稿サービス』イメージExhibitors can also place advertisements in media in which the Measurement and Control Show 2013 TOKYO places an ad. It will be possible to conduct effective promotions in cooperation with the exhibition through this.


・Corporations engaged in businesses related to exhibited items and corporations approved by the organizer.
・The organizer retains the right to refuse the participation of an exhibitor if and when the display items are judged to be inappropriate for the purposes of the fair.

EXHIBITON FEE *incl. 5% tax
・JEMIMA MEMBER : ¥ 336,000 (per booth)
 NON-MEMBER : ¥ 367,500 (per booth)
・The exhibition fee includes the followings.
System panel (back and side panels), Booth number plate, Distributed materials (posters, badges, etc.)

・Booth Size : 3m wide, 3m deep and 2.7m high
・Applications for parallel booths (4 or below), block booths (4 or 6) or island-type booths (8 or more) will be accepted.
・Applicants, ordering island-type booths for 18booths or below, are requested to select one type from below mentioned“ Type of Booths”.
・Each island-type booth shall be set in a way not to exceed a length-to-breadth ratio of 1:3.

・The organizer will set up back and side panels (vinyl coated plywood, white hard-board) and booth number plate.
・The partitions are set up only on the boundaries with the adjacent booths. Therefore, there will be partition on corner booths, except where there are booths adjacent.
・Island-type booths must cover the space of at least8 booths. The space will be provided once it has beenmarked off.

・Exhibitors are responsible for the decoration of their own booths during the fair.
・The basic booth walls cannot be directly decorated or treated.Also, panel boards, poles and beams, etc. must not be sawn or cut or have nails or holes, etc. punched in them. Where special treatment in necessary for the decoration of a booth, please contact us beforehand.
・In principle, the height limitation of decorations for parallel booths are 3.6m, block booths are 4.5m, island-type booths are 6m. As for block booths, the decorations must be installed in positions 1m or more away from any boundary.
・There is no height restriction on the equipment and systems exhibited.
・Over 20 island-type booths is able to build double deck construction, however, it can't display the second level of exhibition space.
・For further specific information, please refer to the exhibitor manual.

Servise included in exhibition fee
・Invitation ticket: 500 per booth (=1unit)
 (7,500 tickets will be sent to exhibitors with 10 or more booths across the board. Additional ticket is also prepared on application)
※Example: Exhibitor which has 30 booths will receive 7,500 ticket across the board, and can apply another 7,500 tickets at no charge as the company is entitled to receive 15,000 tickets (30 booths by 500 tickets). Extra order over 15,000 tickets costs 50 yen per unit.
・Posting exhibit contents on official guidebook and official website ・Poster : applicants only at no charge

・Rental package booth service is available. It is less expensive and an effective way to display your product.
 Basic Package (1 booth) : Member ¥441,000, Non-member ¥472,500 *The price has included exhibition fee and includes 5 % consumption tax.


・2 booths package (Member: ¥850,500, Non-member: ¥913,500), 3 booths package (Member: ¥1,249,500, Nonmember: ¥1,344,000) are also available. Please ask Overseas Operation Office for details. *The price above includes tax.

・Booth allocation will be decided by the executive committee taking into consideration the number of booths.
・Booth positions will be chosen by exhibitors at the exhibitor briefing (scheduled to be held mid-July) in the order of their applications received. However, the position of any independent booth will be determined through mutual consultation between the applying exhibitor and the executive committee prior to the exhibitor briefing.
※There will be no lottery for booth allocation in 2013.
No lottery for the booth allocation will be held for Measurement and Control Show 2013 TOKYO.
・Exhibitors cannot take exception or object to the allocation of booth locations.

recruitmentbrochure(PDF: 9,727KB) PDF

計測展2013 TOKYO
applicationform(PDF: 775KB) PDF

・Upon acknowledgement of the regulations, please fill out the attached application form and send it tothe following address :

Kosaikaikan Bldg., 2F, 5-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083 Japan
TEL: +81-3-3512-5670 FAX: +81-3-3512-5680 Email:

・An application for the exhibition is deemed to be officially received upon the issuance of "Receipt for Application."

  May 31(Fri.), 2013
・The acceptance of applications will be stopped prior to this date if and when the total number of available booths has been reserved.
・Our regulations do not permit the cancellation or a booth reduction of an application. Exhibitors can only be cancelled when the executive committee approves the necessity of the cancellation or booth reduction. In the case of a cancellation or a booth reduction, the applicants are obliged to pay a cancellation fee as follows :

Cancellation prior to June 30(Sun.), 2013 : 50% of the exhibition fee.
Cancellation on or after July 1(Mon), 2013 : The total amount of the exhibition fee.(All fees are subject to a consumption tax.)

・All fees should be remitted to our designated bank beforeAugust 30(Fri.), 2013.
・Exhibitors must bear the consumption tax and all money transfer charges.
・Payment in promissory notes is unacceptable.

・Electricity /Water Supply /TemporaryTelecommunication Line
The organizer will offer electricity, water supply and temporary telecommunication lines on the request of exhibitors. You can find more detailed information at the exhibitor briefing. (Installation costs for such services as well as water and electricity charges shall be paid by exhibitors).
・Ads for Exhibitors
Hanging ads and pillar ads at the venue are available.
You can find more detailed information at the exhibitor briefing.

Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center)※ The durations indicated below are approximate.
Rinkai Line : 7 min. walk from Kokusai-Tenjijo Sta. / Yurikamome : 3 min. walk from Kokusai-Tenjijo-Seimon Sta.
Toei Bus : 40 min. from Yaesu exit, Tokyo Sta. / 30 min. from Monzen-Nakacho Sta. / 40 min. from Hamamatsucho Sta.

May31(Fri.) Application Deadline
Mid-July Exhibitor Briefing
August30(Fri.) Payment Deadline
November4 (Mon.)-5 (Tue.) Move-in / Booth Decoration(9:00 ‒ 17:00)
November6 (Wed.)-8 (Fri.) 会Fair Opening(10:00 ‒ 17:00)
November8(Fri.) Dismantling / Move-out(17:00 ‒ 22:00)

・Each exhibitor will be informed of the place and data for the exhibitor briefing later.
・You will be provided with detailed information on the exhibition (including rules and regulations about move-in/move-out, fire prevention, disaster prevention, construction, and other related matters) based on the "Exhibitor Manual" (to be distributed to exhibitors at the exhibitor briefing.). 
・Exhibitors (applying for booth spaces covering 18 booths or less) will be asked to choose the positions of their booths at the exhibitor briefing.
※There will be no lottery for booth allocation in Measurement and Control Show 2013 TOKYO.

・The organizer may cancel the fair, or change the dates of the fair due to force majeure or any circumstances beyond control. In such case, the organizer do not assume responsibility for any loss resulting from the cancellation. Moreover, all the costs spent before the fair cancellation will be shared by all the exhibitors, depending on the number of booths.
・The period or opening hours may be changed in case of some inevitable circumstances. The exhibitors are not allowed to cancel their application for participation or exhibition for any reasons. Moreover, the organizer is not held responsible for compensating any damage incurred by this change.

・Booths cannot be subleased or exchanged.
・During the term of the fair, spot sales of any exhibit items or displays is forbidden for any reason except newspaper & magazine booths.
・Exhibitors are not allowed to stagnate a crowd of visitors in gangway.
・Exhibitors are not allowed to conduct any act of inducement, setting out questionnaires, hold lotteries, offer premiums or the like.
・The lighting, sound volume and sound quality shall not cause troubles to other exhibitors.
・ Audio-visual (AV) equipment may be used in the booth for the purpose of explanation or demonstration, but no loud speaker shall be disposed in a way to face the outside of the booth. Please be sure to install such loud speaker facing the inside of your own booth.

・The organizer will take charge of control and maintenance of the entire fair site.
・Exhibitors are requested to attend to their own booths during the period of preparation and during the fair in order to safeguard and supervise their own exhibits.
・ The organizer will not be responsible for any damage due to force majeure, fire or theft. Exhibitors are required to take all measures necessary for safety and be advised to insure their exhibits.

・Exhibitors are kindly requested to take proper protective measures against accident regarding various works as a whole such as move-in, move-out, set up, demonstration, etc.
・If an accident should occur due to an act of exhibitor, the exhibitor will be responsible to affect a settlement
・Exhibitors are to bear the expenses for repair or display improvement in conformity with the Fire Service Act and Exhibition Regulations to insure safety.
・Main matters such as exhibition, disaster prevention, etc. will be described in the“ Exhibitor Manual” to be distributed at the exhibitor briefing.

・If you plan to exhibit any product utilizing a new idea, you are requested to file a patent application for it with the Japanese Patent Office prior to the opening of the exhibition.
・Institution "autorized trade show" of Patent Agency is abolished by a law which partially amends Patent Act. (June 8, 2011)