Special Keynote Speech Round Table Session

事前登録制 受講無料A richly diverse program for professionals in every industry and technological field.

These seminars are conducted in Japanese language and NO English interpretation is provided.

10/31(Wed) 11/1(Thu) 11/2(Fri)

HALL_E(1009 Conference Room)
Special Keynote Speech 1
10/31  13:30~15:00
"The best use of Japanese new energy resources"
Promotion of Methanhydrate Utility & Synergy in Kochi, Chief Director
Thanks to submarine and underground resources, Japan is becoming rich in energy and natural resources. Those resources should be used cautiously, slowly and wisely; not for another growth but for realizing economic maturity.
HALL_D(1008 Conference Room)
Special Keynote Speech 2
10/31  14:00~15:30
システム コントロール フェア共同講演The Urgent Task for Japan – International Standardization
IDEC CORPORATION Senior Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer
Nippon Electric Control Equipment Industries Association Vice Chairman
Toshihiro Fujita, Ph.D.
International standardization requires close cooperation among R&D and business strategies, but Japan has paid less attention. Over 10 years of experience and the necessity of all-Japan effort for promoting the strategy will be discussed.

HALL_E(1009 Conference Room)
Round Table Session
11/1  13:30~15:30
Forward to the "Smart Society" with intelligent technology

合田 忠弘 氏1 Kyushu University
 Tadahiro Gouda

薗 利彦 氏2 Kansai Bureau of Economy,Trade and Industry
 Toshihiko Sono

二宮 清 氏3 Kansai Science City
 Kiyoshi Ninomiya

吉田 博之 氏4 Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.
 Hiroyuki Yoshida

マルミローリ マルタ 氏5 Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

石隈 徹 氏6 JEMIMA・Energy/Low-Carbon Committee
 Tooru Ikushima

平山 みゆきfacilitator
 JEMIMA Yuji Hayashi
 Caster Miyuki Hirayama

This session is about the most urgent topic for all of us,“the Society with Sustainable Development”, discussing various aspects such as energy management, key technologies, international standardization and social effects to find out the direction toward such society.

HALL_D(1008 Conference Room)
Special Keynote Speech 3
11/2  10:30~11:30
The Development Plan of the Low Carbon Island,Penghu
ITRI(Industrial Technology Research Institute)
Ph.D. Pei-Hao Li
※English with simultaneous interpretation
The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is promoting the “Low Carbon City Project” at Penghu island off the western coast of Taiwan. This lecture will introduce the contents and status of this advanced project to give us insight about Taiwan’s most aggressive program to make Penghu island to be the truly sustainable society.
HALL_D(1008 Conference Room)
Special Keynote Speech 4
11/2  14:00~15:00
Carbon neutral Fukushima: Frontier of renewable energies
Faculty of Symbiotic Systems Science / Professor
Michio Sato
The rich renewable energy resources of Fukushima Prefecture and the vision for carbon-neutral society will be introduced. The importance of the "country type system" where the rich renewable energies are utilized by small numbers of consumers will be discussed.

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